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BioScan Tek's Child ID Card

BioScan Tek has created the My Child ID badge allowing for prompt identification, understanding and establishing contact with significant others without additional effort. The My Child ID badge can be stored in a safety deposit box or discretely in a wallet and it will hold all the information which makes it a more convenient and a durable solution than the kids paper prints out there.


The fastest way to get information out in an emergency if your child goes missing! Many children may also suffer from medical conditions that prevents them from communicating efficiently and at the same time limits their communication so they can get lost more often than the general population. The embeded QR Code can be scanned and a video of your child is provided immediately.


BioScan Tek has created the My Child ID badge so it can give you and extra resource of information at your fingertips in an emergent situation.


For more details on how to obtain a BioScan Tek My Child ID badge you can contact us on our website or call us at 630-890-7108

To book a My Child ID badge session follow the booking link to get started!

The BioScan Tek My Child ID booking session will involve taking your child's photo and video needed for their ID card.  We will then print out a card for you while you wait for your safety records!


BioScanTek Kids Card


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