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I-9 Authorized Representative

Completing Form I-9 for a remote employee can be difficult. Using a knowledgeable and experienced Authorized Representative can help with complying to Form I-9 rules. Choosing the right Authorized Representative, like BioScan Tek can greatly reduce the risk of costly fines in the event of a government I-9 audit.


I-9 verification ensures the employer has validated the employee's documents are original and not fraudulent and relate to the employee presenting them and the I-9 form must be completed in a face-to-face meeting with the employee. To confirm a new hire’s eligibility to work in the United States, employers must examine identification documents in person. Reviewing copies sent by mail or digitally, or examining documents via a webcam or other means is a gross violation of the rules.

I-9 form rules must be met regardless of whether you hire locally or remote.  A face-to-face meeting is required; employers who skirt the rules face a stiff fine for each incorrect form. If government auditors find a pattern or practice of violating the rules, penalties are enhanced. Practices that result in discrimination or the employment of unauthorized workers can result in criminal penalties. And it’s not just the business owners who are at risk of incarceration; recent prosecutions have reached to lower-level managers and supervisors as well.

A employer can designate an Authorized Representative to complete Form I-9 and complete the Section 2 Certification such as BioScan Tek.  BioScan Tek is a viable choice for being your I-9 Agent since we are accustomed to identifying clients, reviewing official documents and witnessing signatures.  

You can authorize BioScan Tek to act on your behalf for remote hires and Form I-9 service.  BioScan Tek fills out Form I-9 on your behalf, and carry out full Form I-9 responsibilities. We can return the completed form to you by mail or have the employee return personally. Optionally, we can review and return a digital copy of the form and identification documents.

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