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Check Your Pulse For Your New Password

(NEWSER) – Keep forgetting your password? A Canadian startup says it can give you a password that you won't lose for the rest of your life. The firm's "Nymi" wristband checks your heartbeat—which is as unique as your fingerprints—and uses it to unlock everything from computer accounts to cars, Discovery reports. The company says the device only needs to verify your pulse once when you put it on, meaning that stressed or exercising people don't need to fear being suddenly locked out, the Atlantic notes.

Experts say the wristband shows promise as a replacement for passwords, though they warn hackers are certain to target it—and could be able to intercept the signal and make off with somebody's car while they're logging into their smartphone. "This could be a very nice technology and an upgrade over password security for most users," a security researcher tells Ars Technica. "I'd like to see something like this work out. I just hope that they get some security experts to vet this before people trust it for anything important."

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